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VB in the News: 3 Tips to Get Better Business Insights from Serialization

Compliance and connectivity now, better business insights from serialization later.

Compliance—it’s on everyone’s mind right now, and the clock is ticking. Whether you are impacted by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in the United States or the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) in the European Union, regulations aren’t optional. They are the cost of doing business. As the clock counts down to November 2017, pharmaceutical companies and trading partners need to make some important choices. Compliance is the goal, but can you also use this requirement for better business insights?

Verify Brand recently authored and article for Pharmaceutical Processing in which we outlined three key tips to help guide you through selecting the right serialization platform that offers compliance and connectivity to get you to December 2017. We believe it’s important to find the best partner for the future—a partner who can help position your company as a more agile and data-driven organization. So when you’re searching for the best serialization vendor, consider these three things:

1. Choose a serialization platform compatible with data standards
2. Identify a serialization platform that benefits your entire business long-term
3. Simplify the parameters and focus on quality

Read the full article in Pharmaceutical Processing authored by Verify Brand’s CEO, Michael Howe.


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