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In the news: Blockchain- the technology to make DSCSA work after 2023?

Verify Brand was recently mentioned in a Pharmaceutical Commerce article, “Blockchain technology: the technology to make DSCSA work after 2023?” Nick Basta wrote:

“[Robert] Celeste’s work group has attracted a cross-section of industry players—and that has value all by itself since each player has a different perspective on needs and capabilities. Participants include Pfizer and Merck, Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen, the Geisinger health system, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, Rx-360 (an industry consortium), and industry software developers iSolve, TraceLink, Unisys and Verify Brand. Mention of longtime traceability vendors like TraceLink and Verify Brand brings up the interesting question whether blockchain will replace part of what these vendors have been doing—creating the mechanism by which stored data can be made available to trading partners. The consensus, at the moment, is that blockchain technology is complementary and not competitive to the software that collects serial numbers from packaging lines and stores them.”

We’re excited to be a member of the Center For Supply Chain Studies Blockchain Core Team, and have been researching blockchain as a potential tool in the fight against counterfeit and diverted pharmaceutical products since 2015. While there are definitely hurdles to overcome, we have long seen the potential blockchain brings to securing the pharma supply chain. Tools like a blockchain ledger will greatly simplify the exchange of transactional data, making the process of tracking items through the supply chain much more robust. The blockchain will be a complimentary system to Verify Brand’s existing DQSA and brand security solutions.

Read the full Pharmaceutical Commerce article here.


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