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Chemical Companies Come to Grips with Challenge of Counterfeits

Challenges with counterfeit chemicals have long troubled the industry, driving some industry leaders to call for increased brand protection and security tools. Counterfeit products create extra competition, while low-quality fakes damage consumer confidence in a brand’s value.

Chemical companies can use a variety of supply chain security and brand protection tools to safeguard against counterfeits, ranging from product serialization to track and trace software to physical markers used in complex forensic analysis. Authentication tools can help restore customer confidence in genuine products, while helping brand owners identify suspicious operations and prevent fakes from ever making it to consumers.

When the world’s fourth largest chemical company approached Verify Brand looking for a solution to identify chain of custody for new product cylinders, we helped the company add critical layers of safety, security, regulatory compliance and supply chain intelligence to their products. This was achieved by way of a combination of disciplines, including:

  • Unique Serialization
  • Track and Trace
  • Product Authentication
  • Product Tampering Prevention

Here’s how it works: Our software associates a secure unique identifier (sUID) on the product cylinder with a secure shrink wrap sleeve, and indicates whether active sUIDs are authentic new products or refills. The company’s manufacturers are able to build a chain of custody by submitting shipping and receiving events to the Verify Brand platform. In addition, OEMs and distributors, law enforcement, customs and investigators can use the Verify Brand investigator application to view the chain of custody and verify that individual cylinders are authentic. By allowing consumers to authenticate products via the web or mobile device, the chemical company further establishes trust in the brand.

We believe every brand owner should consider putting a range of technology solutions in place, including both physical security and information technology solutions. Verify Brand’s anti-counterfeiting tools require little to no training; they’re easily available via mobile devices and can provide customized responses based on the individual user. Just as importantly, they can help return revenue to brand owners by finding suspicious products more quickly, supporting more successful litigations through secure audit trails, and building customer confidence in a genuine, high-quality product. Contact us to learn more about our work with companies in the chemical industry.


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