Discussed at Pharma CMO Summit: Why Flexibility is Critical

Last week, our Verify Brand team was in Princeton, New Jersey, sponsoring the Pharma CMO Summit organized by Supply Chain Wizard and Pharma & Biopharma Outsourcing Association. With the November DSCSA deadline front of mind for CMOs, CPOs, 3PLs, and wholesalers, this event allowed pharma trading partners to put their heads together and make collective progress toward compliance.

Verify Brand’s presentation, “Optimizing Customer Connectivity: Why Flexibility is Critical to Overcoming Obstacles,” delivered by our senior vice president, Haris Kamal, was well received by conference participants. Kamal addressed the thorny serialization obstacles CMOs face and how a flexible solution can help them overcome these roadblocks.

These include:

  • Different connection protocols used by different customers. It’s not uncommon that customers use different connection / communication protocols. We recommend that you avoid painting yourself into a corner with a serialization provider that supports only one method.
  • Non-standard or outdated messaging formats. Before agreements are inked, be sure to confirm that your serialization provider can support all versions of EPCIS, which will impact your ability to accommodate your current and prospective customers.
  • Divergent serial number request preferences. Customers have different preferences for requesting serial numbers. With a flexible provider, you can accommodate any serial number request preference.
  • Customers with expanding datasets. When your customer wants to leverage data for supply chain insights, your serialization provider’s platform must be able to expand and/or accept new product master data. Software providers that use a single-tenant platform architecture can more easily support customized enhancements and upgrades, which allows you to accommodate your customer’s request.

When selecting a solution provider, flexibility is key. Verify Brand’s platform can handle a variety of connections and configurations because we understand the challenges CMOs and pharma manufacturers face. Schedule a demo of our software to learn why our serialization solution is simpler to implement and easier to use.


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