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OPTEL’s Verify Brand® Software is the clear choice for ensuring supply chain security and serialization compliance, including U.S. DQSA compliance and EU FMD compliance.  OPTEL is a quality-focused organization with audit-tested processes and more than a decade of broad and deep development, improvement and reinvestment experience. Our serialization and traceability software offers:


User-Friendly Reporting

A serialization platform designed to help improve business operations will come with built-in advanced reporting tools. These tools allow you to quickly identify and report on regulatory compliance requirements as well as report on the “health” of your supply chain. We provide the most relevant data right at your fingertips in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard. Our platform gives you real-time insights in customizable, easy-to-read reports designed to support your specific business needs.


GS1 EPCIS Standard

Our platform was built from the ground up using the GS1 EPCIS standard. We choose EPCIS because of its worldwide use in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Using this internationally accepted standard allows us to quickly integrate with manufacturing, distribution and customers.



Security is a key concern and the system is hosted with intrusion detection of all traffic and 365×24 monitoring. All access to our system is strictly controlled based on secure login, roles and privileges. Our security includes third-party audits and penetration testing by companies like Dell Secure Works.



OPTEL’s Verify Brand Software is highly configurable, which lets us quickly integrate into our clients’ business operations without disruption. This flexibility means we configure our platform to work with your existing systems, not the other way around.


Individual Instances

Each of our customers has their own website and database instances that aren’t shared by anyone else, so each of our customers control if, and when, they are upgraded. This minimizes the effort of validating new software.



Our customers can easily be scaled up or down as required. For our largest customer, we’re receiving and processing 1.3 million EPCIS events every day.


Data Flexibility

Our platform’s flexibility allows our customers to expand their datasets at any time. Does a new regulatory requirement require a new data field? The configurability and extensibility of our system makes adding that field simple.


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Why pharma organizations are choosing OPTEL’s L4-L5 serialization software

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