Pharma serialization software

Unhappy with your serialization software provider? It’s not too late to switch.

At Verify Brand, what sets us apart in the marketplace is not only our mature, flexible, single-tenant platform; our track record of consistently and flawlessly delivering beyond client expectations is garnering consistent, positive testimonials, like this one:

“Verify Brand’s implementation team has been transformative in their contributions. This would be a breeze if all my vendors were as good as Verify Brand.”

Sadly, we’ve been hearing that many pharma organizations are unhappy with the serialization software provider they selected in their haste to meet the FDA’s November 2017 DSCSA product identification mandate deadline. Troubling stories about headaches caused by our competitors’ insufficient technology and service – like platforms being down for extended periods of time and major delays in serializing commercial products – are plentiful and, unfortunately, never-ending. This is especially alarming when our competitors proclaim that their serialization solution ensures patient safety, company profitability and brand integrity.

If you have already selected a serialization software provider that isn’t a good fit due to connection challenges, poor customer support or surprises with hidden costs and fees, the recent delay of the DSCSA timeline is a golden opportunity to evaluate whether another provider may be better suited for your business needs.

While we understand concerns about losing valuable ground if you make a change at this point, Verify Brand believes that switching providers now will offer tremendous benefits. In this two-and-a-half-minute video, our director of project management, Shirino Flynn, talks about how pharma organizations can take advantage of the enforcement delay to make strategic decisions about serialization that will lay the groundwork for meeting compliance requirements in the short term, as well as specific business goals for years to come.

To learn more about our flexible software and why our customers are giving us rave reviews, shoot us an email.


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