Counterfeit electronics have become rampant, costing the legitimate industry over $100 billion each year. The best counterfeiters make products nearly identical to the real thing, allowing them to charge full retail price and steal up to 10 percent of a brand owner’s revenue.

What happens when consumers try to contact the manufacturer for returns, warranty work or other types of service? And how do these “genuine fakes” impact your brand identity, reputation and revenue stream?

The bottom line is that counterfeits drive costs for brand owners by diverting sales away from genuine products, encouraging returns fraud, spiking warranty costs and through erosion of brand reputation. Fortunately, there are tools for brand owners to fight back, restoring lost profitability.

Read our eBook for electronics industry to learn more about these four ways that fakes could be eating into your profits and impacting future revenue by damaging your brand’s reputation. Plus, get a summary of the best ways to fight back against fakes.

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