exchanging serialized messages

Connecting to your trading partners: Many-to-Many Model vs. Hub-and-Spoke Model

An important part of the implementation process when deploying a serialization project is being able to easily connect with your trading partners. Unfortunately, when there are connection challenges, you can experience higher costs, low reliability and slower implementations. We noticed that many in the pharma industry are unaware of the different ways serialization providers are exchanging serialized messages with each other.

The many-to-many model, which uses GS1 universal standards (EPCIS 1.0, EPCIS 1.1, EPCIS 1.2) ensures connection to any partner regardless of the message format. The hub-and-spoke model uses a proprietary format, making the connection with trading partners difficult and time-consuming.

We put this video together to illuminate the differences between the two models, and to help you understand why Verify Brand uses the many-to-many model, which can handle any type of messaging format.

For a demo of the Verify Platform, please visit http://verifybrand.com/dqsa_demo.

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