Optel Acquisition FAQ

Verify Brand, a global provider of serialization software is now an OPTEL company, a leading multinational provider of traceability systems. We are excited about this partnership because it offers so many advantages to companies needing serialization and traceability solutions for their brand protection and regulatory compliance initiatives. Below is a list of frequently asked questions you may have about this partnership; we will continue updating this page as we receive questions.

When did this take place?

This change is effective immediately.

Are you changing your company name?

There will be no company name, branding or personnel changes at this time. Verify Brand personnel contact information – email addresses, phone numbers – will remain the same.

Why did this acquisition take place?

OPTEL is an innovative company that has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. This acquisition combines OPTEL’s experience in deploying characterization and data-capturing solutions in industrial environments with Verify Brand’s proven data management and analytics expertise. Combining these capabilities will open up access to the data, analytics and reports that brands need to finally enable this level of visibility. We believe that the innovations we can deliver, in combination with the OPTEL team, will create solutions that meet the demands of brands both today, and into the future.

Where can I find more information about OPTEL?

You can visit their website here.

Will I experience changes to the way resources are allocated to my project, including any changes of personnel?

There will be no changes to the way Verify Brand allocates resources to your project. Each Verify Brand pharma serialization customer will continue to be assigned a solution architect, project manager, account manager, and validation specialist. Verify Brand’s non-pharma customers (brand protection, serialized marketing) will continue to have an account manager and, as needed, a project manager.

Are there distractions due to the transition that could impact my project schedule? Will the level / quality of service stay the same?

We anticipate no foreseeable impact to any ongoing or pipelined projects. Our goal is to continue providing our customers with the highest quality software-as-a-service experience.

Will there be changes to the frequency of software updates or changes to the platform’s architecture?

Verify Brand is committed to offering a standards-based, single-tenant architecture, which means our customers will be able to easily connect to and share data and information with their trading partners, as well as upgrade their instance of our software when it works best for them.

Will I be forced to use OPTEL as my L1-L3 provider?

Verify Brand will not force you to choose OPTEL as your line provider, and we will continue to remain agnostic. If you are already an OPTEL customer, however, you will immediately begin to realize the benefits from an end-to-end solution (L1-L5) that combines OPTEL’s visioning, mechanics and robotics with our serialization and traceability software.

What sort of ongoing software development quality can I expect to see?

You will see more and better software products, including an expansion of our suite of advanced analytics that capture meaningful data to power improved business operations and a more intelligent supply chain.

Where can I find information about operational and/or contractual issues I may need to be aware of, including invoicing?

There will be no changes to our contracts. If you have further questions, please call or email your account and/or project manager.

What if I have questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here?

If you are an existing customer, please contact your account manager and s/he will assist you in any way necessary. For all other inquiries, please visit this page for our general contact information, and we will address your question as soon as possible.


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