Fastest growing pharma serialization platform

The fastest-gowing pharma serialization platform is adding more connections every day

In today’s global serialization landscape, pharma organizations must be able to connect with many networks and trading partners that use disparate inbound and outbound data transmission formats and protocols. To say this can make partner integrations challenging is an understatement. In the pharma industry, time is money. Delayed deployments and postponed launches of a serialized product can result in the loss of thousands — even millions — of dollars.

To accommodate the huge variety of integration scenarios that exist, the flexible, single-tenant Verify Platform allows brand owners and CMOs/CPOs to rapidly connect to any pharmaceutical trading partner on any network while decreasing implementation times and offering value-added business benefits beyond compliance. Verify Brand’s solution architects built the Verify Platform based on GS1’s global standards, with the capability to support all versions of EPCIS. The mature platform can handle any type of altered, extended or proprietary messaging format, (e.g., TraceLink and SAP), as well as any of the common system-to-system integration protocols, such as RESTful APIs, SOAP and +AS2.

As the graphic below illustrates, our network is quickly and steadily growing to encompass numerous pharma organizations around the world.


pharma serialization platform

If you want to avoid problems establishing reliable partner connections, you’ll need a flexible serialization software that has the technical capabilities, features and functionality to ensure you meet regulatory compliance mandates while also gaining value-added business intelligence and supply chain visibility.

Schedule a demo request today to learn why our customers call our implementation team “transformative” and “top notch,” and the Verify Platform “the most comprehensive platform we’ve seen.”


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