customer feedback: software serialization

We love to be included!

If you’re a pharma manufacturer, CMO, 3PL, wholesaler, dispenser or other organization impacted by the latest serialization requirements, you’ve probably got a number of software vendors knocking at your door. We think this is a good thing – and we love healthy competition because it drives us all to be even better.

So when we became aware of a side-by-side comparison chart one of our competitors published that includes Verify Brand and two other vendors, we were flattered. We’d like to thank them for confirming what the pharmaceutical industry already knows: with more than a decade of serialization experience across numerous industries, Verify Brand is a leading serialization/track & trace solution provider. We agree that serialization vendors are a collaborative bunch, and we’re pleased to be included in a comparison of the very best, even though the chart really misses the mark on our capabilities. (But our marketing team is still grateful for the free publicity.)

Here’s the thing: due to the highly technical nature of serialization, it tends to be a confusing and difficult task, made even more complicated by the chorus of competing and often misleading or potentially inaccurate marketing messages.

Fortunately, Verify Brand has always been committed to meeting the needs of its customers with veracity, integrity and transparency – ever since supporting our first life science customer in 2004. That’s why we’d love to talk to you and give you the real story about what we can do for you. We invite you to go to school on us and read our blogs, so you can be more informed about picking a serialization provider that’s the best fit for your business.

We don’t want you to just take our word for it either. We’re happy to connect you with one of our current customers who can talk about why they chose Verify Brand over those other three companies. So, if charts and sales pitches and emails aren’t helping you make an informed choice, give us a call and we’ll help you get clarity – by sharing facts that are relevant to you and your business needs.


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