Catch us in Chicago at Industry 4.0 ThinkTank

Advanced manufacturing technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Industry 4.0 combines leading-edge machines, data analytics and human ingenuity to bring about a new revolution in manufacturing. As machines and processes become smarter, it’s important to stay educated about emerging technology and embrace the digital transformation.

Our team is excited to announce we will be traveling to Chicago, Illinois January 31- February 1 to attend Industry 4.0 ThinkTank, the largest IoT event in North America.

This conference brings together industry leaders to discuss how to:

  • digitize your day-to-day manufacturing operations,
  • integrate key aspects of Industry 4.0,
  • seize market opportunities, and
  • make your manufacturing processes smarter than ever.

Get an inside look into Industry 4.0 ThinkTank: 

The two-day event consists of interactive workshops, networking sessions and more than 35 presentations from industry leaders, including a conjoined presentation from Verify Brand, an OPTEL company, and Chronicled.

How Blockchain Will Affect Value Chains in 2018 and Beyond | February 1 at 2:50-3:20 p.m.

Verify Brand, an OPTEL company, will co-present with The LinkLab to discuss blockchain and its impact on the supply chain. During this session, our speakers will provide an overview of what blockchain is and what it isn’t. They will share real-life examples illustrating the potential blockchain offers to value chains, and how combining blockchain with its existing technologies can provide fundamental benefits to pharmaceutical organizations.

Learn more about our speakers:

Jason Geyen, SVP of Product at Verify Brand, an OPTEL company

For more than two decades, Jason has been leading the development of mission-critical software systems. After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, Jason went on to engineer and lead critical multi-million dollar software projects for both 3M and Boston Scientific. Since 2008, Jason has been at Verify Brand, recently acquired by OPTEL, leading the product development team to develop cloud-based, highly scalable SaaS solutions for various industries, including medical device and pharmaceutical businesses. He is a member of the Center For Supply Chain Studies Blockchain Core Team, and has been researching blockchain as a potential tool in the fight against counterfeit and diverted pharmaceutical products since 2015.

Eric Garvin, Pharma Solutions Executive, Chronicled

Eric has more than twenty years of project management experience in the Life Sciences industry. He began consulting in 1994 focused on the IT needs of the Life Science industry, and founded Global Technical Partners (GTP) in 1997 with a revised mission to provide industry-best project management services to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device companies. Eric has spent the last three years leading serialization implementation programs, both for the U.S. and globally. His management savvy and technical understanding has resulted in early deliver of serialized products to market.

Don’t fall behind in your manufacturing processes. Register here to learn how you can seize Industry 4.0.


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