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Verify Brand’s Mobile Investigator App Provides Real-Time Product Authentication For Pharma Brands

MINNEAPOLIS – June 8, 2017 – Ensuring authenticity of products is critical as product diversion and counterfeiting remain a threat in the pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, packaged food and beverage, and automotive parts segments. Recent legislation in the U.S. and EU mandates that pharmaceutical companies place unique identifiers on prescription pharmaceutical products sold at the item level to identify, trace and authenticate prescription drugs as they are distributed.

Companies can now easily identify and validate authentic products within the supply chain and at the point of dispensation using serialization technology leader Verify Brand’s mobile Investigator App.

The Investigator App (designed for use on Android and OS devices) helps companies using the Verify Brand serialization and track-and-trace platform – the Verify Platform – leverage item-level serialization data to provide real-time product validation anywhere they can use a mobile device.

The app is easy to download and deploy to mobile devices, allowing supply chain and brand protection managers, and law enforcement (e.g., customs agents) to scan a product’s unique serial number, which confirms or flags its authenticity within seconds. Because of its scalability, companies of all sizes can access this critical supply chain data and work directly with authorities and investigators if the app flags any data anomalies or possible diversionary tactics.

The Investigator App is especially beneficial to officials in the field who are tracing potentially diverted or otherwise fraudulent products. The ability to scan products and get an immediate confirmation helps create the case for legal action against diverters and counterfeiters, and remove potentially dangerous products from the market.

The Investigator App works with any product that carries the Verify Platform’s unique identifier. Regardless of the serialization program size or volume of products (from a few hundred to billions of unique identifiers), the Investigator App quickly helps identify and resolve problems with distribution and fraud. The technology provides greater visibility into the entire supply chain for accurate validation, maximum security and improved insights.

“The Investigator App is an essential tool that helps companies fight product diversion and counterfeiting, both in the supply chain and in the market,” said Michael Howe, CEO at Verify Brand. “In some ways, technology has made it easier to hide diversionary activities, but easy-to-use mobile technology will be a key weapon that allows companies and law enforcement to reduce fraudulent activities and identify counterfeit products.”


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