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Serialization Software for a Smarter Supply Chain

Verify Brand’s best-in-class pharma serialization software quickly delivers DSCSA compliance while helping you create a smarter supply chain. Our proven track and trace software, automated implementation tools, and time-tested project mangement framework rapidly and efficiently ensure that you check the DQSA compliance box, but deliver so much more – a deep dive into the data and insights that drive your business forward.

A real-time, detailed road map of every when and where your product has been, helps you report and improve – all in one easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, standards-based platform.


Since 2004, we’ve helped dozens of brands build their business through billions of serializations and track and trace. We create strategies based on your business needs - be it compliance, data insights, brand protection or end-to-end supply chain visibility.


We give you flexible integration and configuration options for a frictionless implementation. Seamlessly connect and communicate with other systems to receive the business insights you need.


Want relevant supply chain data right at your fingertips in an easy-to-use dashboard? From real-time production metrics, inventory insights, supply chain anomalies and more, we give you what you need, how you need it.


Our mature, stable platform, proven across industries and time, provides complete transparency to short and long-term costs. We’re not playing catch-up with our technology; it’s been refined for more than a decade, and you benefit from our expertise and efficiencies.


Get a foolproof chain of custody for every product or group of items. With item-level traceability, product packaging and shipping hierarchies, real-time updates and centralized data management you can meet DSCSA compliance, and do so much more.


We’re built on GS1’s universal standards to enable greater connectivity to the largest network in the world without the hassle of custom integrations. Synthesize data from trading partners to enable end-to-end traceability reporting. Get more than connections – get insights.


DSCSA compliance deadlines shouldn’t scare you. The Verify Brand platform is designed to quickly and efficiently serialize, verify and track individual products or groups of items at all levels—so you can comply with federal and international regulations. From materials and suppliers to manufacturing and distribution, our approach generates rich data insights to create track and trace data points, alerts and customizable reports that increase visibility across the supply chain. Our security and quality control, our GS1 EPCIS foundation, our single-tenant (one instance per client, more control, lower future compliance validation workload), and event source architecture were all developed while working with brands in a variety of verticals, including the pharmaceutical market. Pharmaceutical brands can feel safe in the knowledge that your supply chain is compliant, secure and optimized for greater performance.


We thoroughly scope the project, gather requirements, align quality system process, and architect the system to meet your unique requirements.


The implementation phase includes design and development, as well as unit and functional testing, integration testing, and security testing.


During this phase, we execute qualification documents, create qualification reports, conduct training, and configure monitoring systems.


Now we're ready to hand the system off to you. The go live phase includes final training, 24x7 monitoring and support, and change management.


Watch our video to learn how Verify Brand’s serialization software is helping pharma manufacturers, CMOs, 3PLs and repackagers create and leverage a smarter supply chain.


giving cmos a competitive edge

CMOs need flexible technology platforms that can support both customer-specific and market-specific information and connectivity requirements. Why get locked into a one-size-fits-all compliance platform? Verify Brand offers the one serialization platform that provides CMOs with the compliance tools, speed, connections and insights you need to improve your overall business.

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Serialization Tips for 3PLs and Repackagers

Why disrupt your ecosystem just to build in track and trace for DSCSA compliance? Get seamless connectivity with your manufacturing partners and CMOs with the easiest-to-use, easiest to install serialization platform on the market. We’re experts at working with 3PLs and repackagers, and we know pharma because we built the first pharma serialization and track and trace tools more than a decade ago.

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Download our eBook: Building an Intelligent Supply Chain

When selecting your serialization platform, focus on gaining insights – and not just connections – to leverage rich data and insights to enable a more intelligent supply chain.

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