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EU Falsified Medicines Directive:

How to Develop a Robust Plan with Rapid Implementation

Avoid supply interruption, and make sure you have a robust, realistic plan to address February 2019 EU FMD compliance deadline. The countdown is well under way – will your company be ready in time? With 32 countries across Europe being affected by this legislation, this webinar will help to ensure you have a robust, comprehensive strategy and implementation plan in place before it is too late.

It is crucial that your company has a comprehensive and realistic plan in place to deliver EU FMD serialization and avoid product supply issues. If you don’t have such a plan in place, act now, and watch this joint webinar. 


The goal of the webinar is to help you understand:

  • How to develop a robust, comprehensive plan for EU FMD with low-risk to your business
  • How to implement your EU FMD plan with minimal impact to your resources
  • Details of some of the products available to you that are specifically designed for rapid implementation


Our speakers:

Stephen Mclndoe | Serialization Practice VP | Be4ward

Jean-Pierre Allard | Chief Technology Officer | OPTEL GROUP

Dhermita Desai | Senior Project Manager, UK and EU | Verify Brand® Software

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