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EU Falsified Medicines Directive:

How to Develop a Robust Plan with Rapid Implementation

Avoid supply interruption, and make sure you have a robust, realistic plan to address February 2019 EU FMD compliance deadline. The countdown is well under way, with significantly less than two years until the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD) serialization compliance deadline – will your company be ready in time? With 32 countries across Europe being affected by this legislation, this webinar will help to ensure you have a robust, comprehensive strategy and implementation plan in place before it is too late.

It is crucial that your company has a comprehensive, robust and realistic plan in place to deliver EU FMD serialization and avoid product supply issues. If you don’t have such a plan in place, act now, and watch this joint webinar with Be4ward, Optel Vision and Verify Brand. 


The goal of the webinar is to help you understand:

  • How to develop a robust, comprehensive plan for EU FMD with low-risk to your business
  • How to implement your EU FMD plan with minimal impact to your resources
  • Details of some of the products available to you that are specifically designed for rapid implementation


Our speakers:

Stephen Mclndoe | Serialization Practice VP | Be4ward

Jean-Pierre Allard | Chief Technology Officer | Optel Vision

Dhermita Desai | Senior Project Manager, UK and EU | Verify Brand

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