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Serialization Software that Delivers Real Business Value

No longer relegated to supporting pharma brands behind the scenes, CMOs have emerged as key players and partners. As big and small pharma brands alike look to create a competitive advantage through cost savings and operational efficiencies, contract manufacturers and packagers are jockeying for a position as strategic partners in business.

This shift has put pressure on CMOs to improve operations, increase responsiveness and deliver real business value to pharma brands. CMOs that leverage serialization data and advanced processes to improve pharma brand operations will rise to the top of the list as the most in-demand partners.


Compliance is a given – we all have to meet the government regulatory requirements. But why get locked into a one-size-fits-all pharma serialization solution that only does one thing? CMOs can define exactly the right service offerings you need to meet compliance, create business value and help your customers improve operations. Whether you want to implement a base program to get compliant right now, or want to lead your pharma brand customers toward strategic business improvements and increase your own competitive advantage, we can help.


Global bio/pharma companies only outsource one-third of drug product manufacturing today, and competition is heating up. CMOs must be flexible and able to meet a customer’s specific needs for regulatory compliance, real-time supply chain performance insights and reporting. Unlike other platforms that force you to buy third-party reporting software, we offer highly customizable and easy-to-use reports that are built-in. You can even integrate data from other partners and customers right into your reports to enable end-to-end traceability reporting.


In a competitive and complex global regulatory environment, CMOs need a serialization solution that can meet a variety of data standards with ease. Leveraging GS1’s universal EPCIS standard for data exchange, Verify Brand® Software ensures connectivity with the world's largest manufacturers and other partners to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility. And yes, we support one-off proprietary messages, too. No-hassle integrations that deliver real-time data insights, and an easy set-up ensure that you can be up and running in no time.


Our mature, stable platform, proven across industries and time, provides complete transparency to short and long-term costs. We’re not playing catch-up with our technology; it’s been refined with many pharma manufacturers and partners, and you benefit from our expertise and efficiencies. We offer the one pharma serialization platform that provides CMOs with the DSCSA and FMD compliance tools, speed, connections and insights you need to gain the competitive advantage.

3PLs and Repackagers: Get our Serialization Tips

Why disrupt your ecosystem just to build in track and trace for DSCSA and FMD compliance? Get seamless connectivity with your manufacturing partners and CMOs with the easiest-to-use, easiest-to-install serialization platform on the market. We’re experts at working with 3PLs and repackagers, and we know pharma.

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When selecting your serialization platform, focus on gaining insights – and not just connections – to leverage rich data and insights to enable a more intelligent supply chain.

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