Serialization for Pharma 3PLs and Repackagers

FOR 3PLs and Repackagers
Build Stronger Connections with Partners

Today’s pharma repackagers are tasked with everything from shipping and logistics to all levels of customer service, inventory management and returns. With a constant influx of new products, new channels and changing regulations, it’s challenging to stay on top of business activities.

Because pharma serialization and track and trace are now a required function to meet regulatory mandates, 3PLs and repackagers have a choice to make. Do you deploy the minimum tools needed to be compliant or do you use this opportunity to create end-to-end supply chain visibility, build stronger connections with partners and prove your business value to pharma manufacturers?


Compliance is a given. But why get locked into a one-size-fits-all serialization solution that only does one thing? We allow 3PLs and repackagers to define exactly the right service offerings you need to meet compliance, create business value and help your customers improve operations. Whether you want to implement a base program to get compliant right now, or want to lead your manufacturing partners toward strategic business improvements and increase your own competitive advantage, we can help.


Repackagers and 3PLs are at a turning point where investing in infrastructure and technology improvements can mean the difference between leading the pack or trailing behind. OPTEL's Verify Brand® Software reduces your workload by offering no-hassle integrations that deliver real-time data insights and a frictionless setup so you can be up and running in no time. Leveraging GS1’s EPCIS standard for data exchange ensures connectivity with manufacturers and other partners to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and decreases the need to re-test integrations after software upgrades.


Our mature, stable platform, proven across industries, provides complete transparency to short and long-term costs. We’re not playing catch-up with our technology; it’s been refined with many pharma manufacturers and partners, and you benefit from our expertise and efficiencies. We offer the one pharma serialization platform that provides CMOs with the compliance tools, speed, connections and insights you need to gain the competitive advantage.


If not tracked and validated accurately, returns can cause significant loss of revenue and wasted time while you resolve discrepancies. OPTEL's Verify Brand® Software can instantly identify legitimate products within the supply chain as well as suspicious actions, and provides insight on fraudulent activity to streamline returns and decrease the cost of managing them. Customizable, flexible, built-in reporting tools help you provide the exact data point needed to report to manufacturers.

CMOs: Learn How You Can Gain a Competitive Edge

CMOs need flexible technology platforms that can support both customer-specific and market-specific information and connectivity requirements. Why get locked into a one-size-fits-all compliance platform? We offer the one serialization platform that provides CMOs with the compliance tools, speed, connections and insights you need to improve your overall business.

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When selecting your serialization platform, focus on gaining insights – and not just connections – to leverage rich data and insights to enable a more intelligent supply chain.

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