A leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing and imaging solutions had encountered wide spread issues with counterfeit and diverted ink and toner cartridges. The fake products ranged from genuine cartridges being illegally refilled with counterfeit ink to products that were entirely counterfeit from the cartridge to the packaging.

Physical security features, including complex holograms, had little or no impact on counterfeiting, failed to curb grey market diversion and provided no support for authentication by end users. In response, the company’s brand protection manager approached Verify Brand as the market leader in traceability and digital product authentication technologies. This global leader in printing and imaging products faced major challenges from counterfeiting, diversion and theft.

Verify Brand delivered a solution to solve their global problems, helping them secure their supply chain and protect their brand. Download the case study to learn more about the challenges they faced, the solution Verify delivered and the impact it had on our customer.

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