Drugs for FDA serialization

VB in the news: How to successfully select a serialization partner

This month in Contract Pharma online, Verify Brand’s CEO, Michael Howe, addresses how pharma organizations can successfully — and quickly — chose a serialization partner that will help them comply with DSCSA regulations without sacrificing quality.

With the clock ticking down on DSCSA compliance deadlines, Howe focuses on the following selection factors:

  • a fast-turn implementation,
  • managing your total cost of ownership,
  • achieving value beyond compliance,
  • how to make the selection process a team decision,
  • the role of data standards,
  • reducing complexity and focusing on quality.

As industry organizations search for a serialization vendor to get them over the compliance finish line, it’s critical to evaluate each vendor and determine whether they can not only help you reach compliance, but can also provide future enhancements that will guide your company to achieve long-term business success.

“Yes, compliance is the end goal,” explains Howe, “but why give up future business value just to get something implemented quickly? You can have both.”

Read the full article here.

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