If your brand has ever been hit by counterfeit products, you know firsthand that counterfeiting and piracy are far from victimless crimes. Aside from the obvious impact to your brand’s bottom line through lost sales and lost market share, fake products destabilize retail and wholesale prices, rattle consumer confidence and are sometimes even linked to unethical labor practices and organized crime. With phony electronic goods flooding the U.S. market yearly, product piracy is a huge multi-sector problem whose ripple impacts almost everyone in some way.

As a thought leader in the space, Verify works tirelessly to research, articulate and provide resources on the latest thinking in anti-counterfeiting tools and tactics for brand owners, law enforcement and trade groups to combat this far-reaching problem. We offer the following infographic for anyone to use and share, internally and externally, to raise awareness and underscore the staggering scope of counterfeit electronics and accessories.

While there is no magic bullet to identify and eliminate counterfeit goods, over the last several years, increasingly sophisticated software platforms that combat product piracy have emerged to help brand owners stay one step ahead of counterfeiters. In fact, robust and meaningful data may be the biggest asset for rooting out high quality fakes in the supply chain or marketplace.

Software that enables brands to serialize and track products throughout the supply chain is more robust and user-friendly than ever. Tapping into your data stream by capturing, tracking and tracing discreet events gives you more and better insights to combat electronics counterfeiting.

Contact Verify to see how your brand can leverage product insights to thwart counterfeiters and defend your bottom line. Together, we can significantly reduce the negative impacts of fake electronics and accessories in the marketplace.


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