Meet Verify Brand’s Sales Director, Ian Miller

At one time, Ian Miller, Verify Brand’s pharma serialization sales director, thought his master’s degree in diplomacy would be a springboard to a career representing the United Sates among international organizations. Instead, he followed a different avenue and now acts as Verify Brand’s ambassador to the pharmaceutical industry.

Right after receiving his postgraduate degree, Ian went to work for Bell-Mark Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial printers in the medical device industry. His job sent Ian to Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma on a regular basis to educate the manufacturer about the value of Bell-Mark products.

After his work ended at Bell-Mark, Ian’s inquisitiveness guided him to his next job as an account director for Optel Vision managing 16 states in the northeastern United States. The position gave Ian the opportunity to visit the majority of manufacturing facilities in the region, and gain a deeper understanding of the unique needs pharmaceutical production facilities have. “My day-to-day work was to improve the quality and safety of our consumer products, and it was very fulfilling,” he says. “I felt like I was directly and positively impacting peoples’ lives.”

Satisfied with his knowledge of the hardware needed for serialization, Ian’s curiosity about the software/IT piece eventually led him to Verify Brand. “I’ve always been drawn to technology,” he says. “Software is a core requirement for the functionality of serialization. You need all the pieces–from the beginning of the supply chain into the enterprise level–to complete the entire ‘serialization puzzle.’”

Besides wanting to learn as much as he could about Verify Brand’s software and its centerpiece easy-to-use platform, Ian was eager to become a part of Verify Brand’s fun, tight-knit, customer-centric team. “Verify Brand is the best-kept secret in pharmaceutical serialization and traceability,” he says. “While we’ve been building a great reputation during the past few years, there are still companies that don’t know who we are … yet. My goal is to expose Verify Brand’s platform and its SWIFT implementation framework to as many pharmaceutical companies in North America and Europe as possible. It’s vital that we help them get through government regulations quickly and easily.”

We’re pleased that Ian is going to combine his experience, knowledge and passion to help Verify Brand’s customers meet compliance mandates while mining rich serialization data to gain value beyond compliance. Want to meet him? Give him a shout-out today.


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