A Look Inside the Verify Brand Platform

Now that Verify Brand is part of OPTEL, we’re excited to offer the benefits of an end-to-end solution (L1-L5) that combines OPTEL’s visioning, mechanics and robotics capabilities with Verify Brand’s serialization and traceability software for a more transparent and visible value chain. Because many OPTEL customers may not be aware of what Verify Brand does, each month we will showcase a different capability or feature of the Verify Brand Platform in  OPTEL’s corporate newsletter.

This first blog post in our series will provide an overview of the platform, as well as how it can ease complexities for contract manufacturers.

A look inside the Verify Brand Platform

For more than a decade, Verify Brand has been helping the world’s best-known brands in a variety of industries (e.g., pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, luxury goods, and retail) protect their reputations, grow their assets and comply with federal regulations such as the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) the FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The idea of the Verify Brand solution is straightforward: our serialization and traceability software tracks each product through the supply chain, from materials and suppliers to manufacturing and distribution—all the way to the end user, and leverages rich serialization insights to create track and trace data points, alerts and customized reports. This increased visibility into the supply chain alerts brands when there are product diversions, thereby reducing the number of counterfeit products in the marketplace.

What sets the Verify Brand Platform apart from other serialization software solutions?

The Verify Platform delivers a solution that allows our customers to check the compliance box and at the same time, take rich serialization data and turn it into real-time reports that can transform business operations and provide a superior ROI. In addition to our suite of advanced analytics, our differentiators include:

  • Seamless connectivity. Built on GS1’s universal standards (EPCIS), the Verify Brand Platform can map to any other provider’s platform, regardless of messaging format.
  • Flexibility. The Verify Brand Platform is flexible and built on a single-tenant architecture that allows our customers to expand their datasets at any time as well as maintain control over their software updates.
  • Best-in-class customer support. We have an in-house validation team to assist you through every step of the validation phase as well as an ongoing customer support framework.
How does the Verify Brand Platform benefit CMOs/CPOs?

When implementing a serialization solution, contract manufacturers and packagers face certain challenges. Namely, they must accommodate a wide array of pharmaceutical brand owner/marketing authorization holder operational requests and market-specific compliance requirements while flawlessly executing against customer timelines. The Verify Brand Platform circumvents the complexities of partner integration, decreases implementation times and offers value-added business benefits that deliver competitive advantages to pharma CMOs and CPOs. Read our CMO/CPO use case to learn more about how CMOs/CPOs benefit using the Verify Brand Platform.


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